In this blog I will be reviewing 3 short films.

The first film I will be reviewing is called A Morning Stroll. This film is about a Chicken’s morning stroll in 1959, 2009 and 2059.

It’s a funny and neatly made animation. I liked how the film was designed. As in the 1959 version of the Chicken’s stroll it is done in a traditional way of animation. Then in the 2009 and 2059 versions of the Chicken stroll it is done in a more modern way of animation. So I liked that they took the animation designs into consideration.

Overall I really enjoyed this short film. Don’t really have any problems with the film. I really liked it.

Here is the link to this film:

The second short film I will be reviewing is called Paperman. It’s an animation about romance and was created by Disney and it is about a man trying to get a woman’s attention using paper and turning them into paper aeroplanes to throw them to the woman in an attempt to get her attention.

I think the design of the animation was drawing based. Not a hundred percent sure. The animation was done very well. The drawings of the characters, buildings and the environments were very well made. The movements of the humans were very realistic. From this evidence you can tell Disney were to make the film realistic and think they did that really well in this animation.

In my opinion I think it was a fantastic animation and I found it interesting and enjoyable to watch. I enjoyed so much that my eyes were glued to the screen.

Only thing I can think of to complain about is the story. At one point the man was throwing paperwork to the woman in the other building. Personally I don’t think that is realistic. For instance in reality you wouldn’t really be risking losing your job just to get some woman’s attention. To be honest it is quite picky to complain about but I really couldn’t think of any other flaws with this animation.

Here is the link to the film:

The third short film I will be reviewing is Okatapodi. It is a film about two octopuses who are in love. One if orange and the other is pink. The pink octopus gets taken away by a human and the human’s purpose is to butcher the pink octopus. So the orange octopus must stop this from happening and save the pink octopus.

One thing I did like about this film was the animation. It was done on the computer, completely done in CGI. I thought the animation was good and very realistic. You can tell that the creator of this film researched how octopuses move and how they swim. This is because in the animation the octopuses moved like octopuses do in reality. I also liked the fact that the animation was unpredictable. Basically I didn’t think the story was obvious. As at the end of the film you would have thought that the octopuses would reunite and live happily ever after. Instead a seagull takes the orange octopus and the pink octopus flings off the washing line to hit the seagull but before we see that the animated film finishes. So basically it left us on a cliffhanger and I really liked that idea because it makes us (the viewers) get disappointed because we enjoyed the animation and we want to see what happens next.

Here is the link to the film:

I really hope that the creator of the Okapodi film makes a squeal!! I really want to know what happens next!

Overall I really enjoyed watching these three short films.